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coming soon!

original paintings and prints!

Thank you so much for your interest and for stopping by! I so appreciate your support and patience while I'm working hard to get my new pieces available for you to purchase. I will keep you updated from here, as well as social media, AS SOON as I have a release date! Promise!

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My Process

Whether its abstract or still life, my mental approach seems to be the same.

Do what feels natural.

There is always a lot of visualizing, pre-planning, dreaming, and yoga breathing involved, but when it comes down to me standing in front of a canvas. Instinct crushes Thinking. I have been more prone to grabbing a brush over a pencil lately, and can easily overwork a piece for a desire to make it "perfect". This is typically when I force myself back to the yoga breathing while watering plants outside. 

I did not grow up with a camera in my hand, and I had never explored this medium until I moved to California 5 years ago. And while I do not take photos for any other reason than to make art with them, I am always focusing on (haha, pun intended) finding a pleasing composition as either a fine art print, or artistic transfer to a substrate.

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Art is the body’s pronunciation to the soul.
— Michael Gungor

About Me

MY NAME IS Amy and i make art.

Today I find myself working in a field I adore and admire, being awakened to new opportunities every day, and continually striving to hone in my craft. My style is gestural and loose, using color and strokes for movement. I have forever been drawn to this gloriously huge world of art and am so sublimely happy I get to play at being an artist.